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DCBS Microfinance

Transforming Life

Who we are

With the objective of doing something for the well fare of the poor rural people specially helpless women and children, It was started with the initiative of some enthusiastic youths of the village lead by Sri Animesh Naiya.

Sri Naiya gathered some experience of the self help group /micro credit program from another NGO in the district of South 24 Pgs and he was convinced that microcredit program is an effective tool for helping the poor and helpless women in earning their livelihood by taking up an income generating activity. As money is main factors for the poor people to carry on their livelihood activities and the same was not available from bank/institutional source, the poor families had to go to the village money lenders without having any alternative.


The money lenders charged an exorbitant rate of interest (5% to 10 % per month) and also the money was refundable at a time, in most of the cases the poor families were ruined falling under the debt trap of money lenders. Being moved by the in human situation the group of young man under the leadership of Sri Animesh Naiya decided to setup a microfinance Institution to make available the small loans to the poor people carrying on their business activities. The women were considered to be right choice as a client of micro credit as they have better integrity cohesion and sincerity and they also require the opportunity to handle money in the family for their economic and social empowerment.


Dhosa Chandaneswar Bratyajan Samity (DCBS) was established in the year 2003 at a remote village Dhosa in Jaynagar -1 Block,in Sundarban area,Dist-South 24 Parganas,State -West Bengal.It was registered as Society under West Bengal Societies Registration Act ( XXV1) of 1961 in 2003.


Apart from funding microcredit we are also extending skill development training to the SHG members and helping them in starting their income generating units. Our sources of fund are nationalized bank like SBI, Other Bank, and RRB and NBFC finance companies. For reaching illumination to the inaccessible  Sundarban area we had played pioneer roll in providing solar lamps through our SHG Networks .For protection of environment from smokes created by burning wood in kitchens of households we are trying to introduce smokeless cooking stoves in our operational area.

Core Values

Good Governance
Beneficiary Satisfaction

Mission and Vision


Transformation of lives of the rural poor women by poverty eradication through effective financial services with participatory approach in a transparent and sustainable manner.


To reach the poor rural people to foster social developments through our services in the form of financial assistance, Technical and Educational assistance and Renewable Energy in all over West Bengal, Neighboring states and the North Eastern Region by 2020.

Secretary Desk

Dear Friends,


I take immense pleaser in presenting the annual report of our Micro Credit activities for the year 2014-15 DHOSA CHANDANESWAR BRATYAJANA SAMITY (DCBS) was established in the year 2003 at a remote village Dhosa of South 24 Parganas District under Sundorbon of West Bengal for the welfare of rural poor people especially helpless women and children. It was registered as Society under West Bengal Societies Registration Act (XXV1) of 1961 in 2003. It was initially started with the initiative of some enthusiastic youths. Though started to provide thrift services, gradually they realized the need to provide loan to the poor in order to make them self-dependent. DCBS received its first loan of Rs.5 million from ICICI Bank. SBI sanctioned cash credit loan of Rs.16 million, BGVB sanctioned Rs.15.3 million cash credit and SIDBI sanctioned a term loan of Rs 5 million in the year 2009 and 2010 respectively. In the year 2012-13 SIDBI further sanctioned of Rs.75.00 lakhs IMEF fund –Subordinate Debt for equity support to DCBS. During the period under review we received a loan from NABARD. An amount of Rs6.92 lacs for manufacturing readymade garments .DCBS had 6 branches over 9000 borrower outreach and Loan portfolio was Rs.10.52 lakhs as on 31st March 2015as against Rs6.24 crores as of 2014. We follow group based individual lending model of minimum 10 members and maximum 30 members of groups. However crisis in MFI sector and our social awareness helped to cultivate new thought and we started Solar Credit activity form the year 2012. We established some linkage with Arc Finance -America,Milaap,GIZ-Germany, JICA-Japan who are agreed to extend fund capacity building, training and other support to DCBS. Apart from Micro finance we are conducting Cervical and Brest Cancer detection camp in collaboration with “Chittaranjan National Cancer Institution.I take the opportunity to thank all my colleagues, my Board members, funding agencies-SBI, BGVB and SIDBI, RMK, MILAAP,,NABARD. for their financial assistance and CNCI, Switch on, ZIZ-Germany for their technical support to carry on such developing activities, without whose backing it would not be possible to have such a height we could achieved. I also express my deep gratitude to the authorities of “The Art of Living” for their moral and spiritual guidance in achieving Credit plus activities in a long run.


Animesh Naiya



Board of Directors

Mr. Santosh Haldar


Mr.Balaram Bar

Vice President

Mr. Animesh Naiya


Mr. Subhankar Mandal

Assistant Secretary

Mrs. Aparna Mondal


Mr. Utpal Gharui


Mr.Nabin Chatterjee


Management Keys

Mrs. Soma Saha


Mr. Shirshendu Banerjee


Mr Pinak Pratim Dan

Financial Executive

Awards and recognitions

DCBS Achieved Highest Recorded Promotion of DCBS Achieved Highest Recorded Promotion of “ Solar Lanterns” to the Borrowers amongst MFIs in India supported by Arc Finance, A Consultancy and Finance Group for clean Energy and Water, during 2014-15.Solar Lanterns” to the Borrowers amongst MFIs in India supported by Arc Finance, A Consultancy and Finance Group for clean Energy and Water, during 2014-15.